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well i dunno if this is really for here but i have a problem with this guy i am currently dating. we have been going out for about 9 days now and lets just say they havent gone so good. well first of all our first day was good but after that it has been bad! there is this other kid named clint and he wanted to make andrew ( my boyfriend) jelious so at lunch he put his arm around me and andrew saw and he got really mad but he didnt do anything and the rest of that day clint kept touching me and giving me hugs in fron of andrew to make him mader and id push him away so andrew wouldnt get to mad but it didnt work. then i was susposed togo to the movies with him and he said he couldnt go so i said okay and i didnt go either. but then the nest day i found out that he did go to the movies and he got me and my friend a ticket and we never showed up. that made me feel really bad. i couldnt believe i left him there and that he got me and my friend a ticket and we never went.then i called him and clint came over to my house and while i was on the phone with andrew clint was in the backround saying things like" andrew im all over your girlfriend i get more then you do!" and he heard it and then he hung up and i called back and he was really mad about it and i tryed to tell him i was sorry and i made clint get on the phone and talk to him and no clint has stoped trying to make him mad and im glad about that. and now he hasnt really been talking to me much untill 2 days ago. i wrote him a note saying i was sorry about everything that has happenend and that i felt really bad about everything and i told him that i love him a lot and i really do. and he has been talking to me now but do you think he really likes me? i mean to put up with all that and not break up with me? if i was him i would of broken up with me already. i was wondering if anyone could help me or tell me what i should do. i could really use some ideas or help! i just got out of a really serious relationship about 2 months ago and this is the first i have dated sence then and i just want to make it right and not mess up. if anyone has any ideas or anything that can help me id be very happy! =]  does anyone think that he really likes me? it have been crossing my mind a lot lately and i dont know what todo anymore.

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