Ash (prettygirl2424) wrote in brokenhearts,

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Valentine's Day

I don't usually post on here...I stick to commenting on other peoples love problems but, all I have to say is...

Grrrrr Valentine's Day and Grrrrrrr crappy relationships.

I am glad I am working that night so I can avoid the 3 potential dates I was offered to go on. Instead I will spend the day telling my friends and family I love them because, well for one I DO love them. For another I haven't said those 3 words and actually really meant them with ALL of my heart in a long time. Love is just frustrating sometimes. Can't I just hide under the covers that day? Lol. *Sighs*

<3 Ashley

Oh and...if anyone would like me to add them or needs someone to talk to I'd love to chat :) Those with broken hearts need to stick together right?
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