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Life goes on

Hi every one can I say that its not only us adults hurt when relationships break down its the kid if you have them. My wife walked out on me and the kids just over 12 months ago. I got the kids through the legal system which is shit in this country. I am 42 a man some times I struggle has a single dad but I got my kids to keep me going when I get down and me to them like wise. I am lonely sometimes but thats life and the world will not stop turning just because at times I would like it to. I would love to communicate with someone with a similar experiencer mine is a painful breakdown and more can be found on single parents community pages. You can also access my profile if you like what you see contact me. I have changed in the past 12 months my religion for example I was christian but now practice Paganism I needed to explore my innerself. At first I thought I was to blame for the marriage breakdown but it took me a while to realise it was not my fault my ex was commiting adultery and thought more of the bastard she went off with. I know I am a good man and a real man this I can shout loud and proud.
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