Seth (finfish) wrote in brokenhearts,

I feel so stupid

Hi everyone, I'm new.

I went out with this guy in 8th grade...I know you all must be thinking, "This should be rich" and "And let me guess- you were MADLY in love at the age of 14! I'm real sure!"

But let me be perfectly clear when I say that I am not the kind of person to fall for that crap. I never believed that you could ever fall in 'love' after week of 'going out' in junior high, but then there was this boy....His name was...ok we won't go there, but he was my best friend in 7th grade, but not you're typical best friend, there was really something else about him, it didn't feel like love at the time because you know, when you're 13 you can't really tell the difference between anything because you have too much hormoanal growth going on.
Anyway, we started going out in 8th grade at the beginning of the year and I, in fact, broke up with him after a week because he told me he 'loved me' and I of course didn't believe him. How could someone love someone after a week, right? Plus- I knew how young we were. But I felt bad and decided I should give him another chance.
To sum it up- we basically went out the rest of the year, had our really hard times, and somewhere in November I really believe I fell in love with him, I've never cared so much about one person ever or felt so absolutely loved before.
The last time I saw him was at a really bad pool party(i ended up getting hit in the head with a basketball and freezing my ass off when the temperature dropped to 60 degrees and I was soaked), we ended up both going to different schools and I havent' seen him since. I've talked to him a few times and that's it.

Now I am 16 years old, and I still can't forget about him. And you might be thinking that I'm just can't forget him because he's some guy that might've had strong feelings for me and I'm just hung up on because I haven't been hooking up since: not true. I've had several boyfriends, of all varieties; handsome, smart, talented, charming, some really really great dream guys. None of which seem to make me happy, at least not like he did.

I feel stupid, like, wow, I was freaking 14 years old, you're not allowed to fall in love that young, it just doesnt happen.

How can I forget him?
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